Awards & Agreements


How do I find out about my terms and conditions?

Wages and conditions can come from:

* Your enterprise agreement (EBA)

* Your federal award

* A state industry sector rate of pay (plus some other minimum legal conditions)

Enterprise agreements are: 

* Legally enforceable documents

* Entered into by agreement between your employer, employees and your union

* Apply for a set period of time (no more than three years)

* Do not have to include all conditions

* Must be approved by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission

Awards are:

* Legally enforceable documents governing minimum terms and conditions of employment

* Awards are made by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission

Federal awards apply only to the parties to the award. You can tell if your employer is a party to the award if:

* They are members of an employer organisation like VECCI, AIG, AHA, VACC etc

* Their business name (or an old business name) is listed in the award

Federal awards were stripped by the Howard Government to cover only twenty employment conditions including:

* Classifications and skill based career paths

* Ordinary hours of work and the times in which they are worked, rest breaks, notice periods and variations to working hours

* Rates of pay (eg. hourly rates and annual salaries) and rates of pay for juniors, trainees, apprentices and supported wage system

* Piece rates, tallies and bonuses

* Annual leave and leave loading

* Long service leave

* Personal/carers leave - including sick leave, family, bereavement, compassionate and other forms of leave

* Parental leave - maternity and paternity leave

* Public holidays

* Allowances

* Overtime, casual and shift loadings

* Penalty rates

* Redundancy pay

* Notice of termination

* Stand-down provisions

* Dispute settlements procedures

* Jury service

* Types of employment - full time, casual, regular, part-time and shiftwork

* Superannuation

What is an industry sector?

* If you are not covered by a federal award or an enterprise agreement you will then be covered by the state system of industry sectors plus some other minimum conditions

* Industry sectors provide minimum wage rates and employment classifications

* They are determined by the main business of your employer

Industry sectors are:

* Retail trade

* Wholesale trade

* Manufacturing

* Health and community services

* Property and business services

* Construction

* Personal and other services

* Accommodation, cafes and restaurants

* Cultural and recreational

How do I find out about my wage rates?

Your wage rate will depend on your classification (based on the duties you perform).

It is a minimum rate of pay – many employees are paid above the industry sector rates.

If you are not covered by a federal award, your other minimum entitlements are:

* Four weeks annual leave

* One week paid sick leave (five days)

* Maternity, paternity and adoption leave

* Notice of termination, or payment instead of notice