A HSR (Health and Safety Representative) is elected by fellow workers of a Designated Work Group (DWG) to act as an advocate on behalf of those workers.  They represent members on health and safety matters in the workplace including systems of work, psychological health and hazards and risks

HSRs can play an important role in identifying hazards, assessing risks and developing practical solutions and helps to create and maintain a safer workplace for everyone.

To be effective as a HSR you must be confident, willing to learn, approachable and able to listen to concerns and consult with all members and employers on OHS matters.

To be the best HSR possible you must attend all levels of Health and Safety which includes the HSR Initial OHS WorkSafe Approved Training and the annual WorkSafe Approved HSR Refresher OHS Training.

If you are interested in becoming a HSR or would like to find out more about training contact your Organiser or contact us in the Melbourne Office