HSR Training Entitlements


Under the OHS Act 2004  (Section 67) all elected HSRs and Deputy HSRs are entitled to undertake WorkSafe Victoria approved OHS training for HSRs and choose their training provider in consultation with their employer.  The Australian Workers' Union (AWU) is approved to deliver the HSR Initial OHS Training Course.

Under Section 67 of the Victorian OHS Act 2004 an employer, if requested, must allow and elected HSR and elected Deputy HSR to attend a WorkSafe approved HSR Initial OHS Training Course on paid time, pay the cost of the course and any other associated costs.  Section 67 also allows HSRs to choose the approved training course they attend in consultation with their employer

Under Section 67 an employer if requested must allow and elected HSR and Deputy HSR to undertake a one-day Refresher training course at least once in each year that they hold office after completing the HSR Initial OHS Training course.

As HSR training is part of normal work-related activity, you are entitled to receive your normal/expected earnings during course attendance. This includes pay entitlements relating to shift work, regular overtime, higher duties, allowances or penalty rates that would have applied had you been at work.

If the course is being conducted outside your normal working hours e.g. you normally work two days a week and are attending an initial training course run on five consecutive days; you have a rostered day off during the course, or you have a shift that does not overlap or overlaps only marginally with the courses' hours, you must be paid as if you had been at work for the relevant time.

If this means that you have worked hours in excess of your normal weekly hours, those must be compensated in the same way as other additional hours.

Your employer must pay course fees and any other expenses associated with attendance at a HSR training course, including travel to and from the approved course (where it is greater than travel to your normal workplace) and accommodation, meals and incidental expenses where an approved course is remote from your workplace.