Shannon Threlfall-Clarke started working for the AWU Victorian Branch in 2010 as a Growth Organiser. In 2013 she was elected an honorary Vice President of the branch, the first time a woman has held that role in our union’s history.


Shannon also became the Lead Organiser for Growth & Campaigns, taking over from Ben Davis who moved into the position of Branch Secretary.


In addition to her growth role, Shannon is also the Organiser for Luna Park and National Trust, two sites that have elected strong women delegates to represent their interests at work.


Shannon believes that women have an important role to play in our union’s future. “In addition to the gender pay gap, which continues to widen, women experience other forms of discrimination at work, such as being overlooked for promotion due to pregnancy or childcare responsibilities, or difficulty finding flexible work which allows them to care for their children or aged parents.


“Often women are not considered seriously for roles which are traditionally considered the domain of men, in areas such as construction and mining, and it’s our job at the union to ensure that everyone is given equal treatment and fair opportunity to work.


“I have been out to workplaces where they don’t even provide bathroom facilities for women on site! There is still so much work to be done.”