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ME Bank is a 100% Australian owned, APRA regulated Bank. Established by industry super funds - the same people who brought you low cost, no commission super. We were proudly built to provide a genuine banking alternative - a fairer way to bank.

What does this mean? We’re fighting the injustices of the major banks because we believe that everyone deserves a fairer deal. We always have and we always will- it’s in our blood.

The industry super fund and union movements' hard-fought principles of fairness and collective benefit are at the very heart of our business. And because we're owned by industry super funds, our profits go back to them for their members, to assist in achieving a better quality of life for you in your retirement.


ME Bank offers AWU members a genuinely fairer banking. This includes:-


  • Low Rate Home loans for Union members (including No Bank Loan Establishment Fees)*
  • Low cost Day to Day Banking- No monthly account keeping fees and a network of over 3000 ATMs across Australia Free of Charge
  • Low rate Personal Loans
  • Low rate Mastercard
  • Online Savings and Term Deposits
  • First Home Saver Account for First Home Buyers with high interest and the opportunity of a Government Co-contribution of 17% per annum (up to $1020 per financial year) on the first $6000 saved in each financial year.


* There is a Solicitor Settlement Cost of $150, and there MAY be a valuation fee should the Bank need to value the property.



Call  ME Bank today on 131563 to make an appointment for a Mobile Banker to visit you at work or after hours at Home.

For More information about ME Bank please visit the web site


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