Cut the PR and get a jobs plan

Wednesday 02nd April 2014


Another 150 jobs will go from the manufacturing sector when cigarette production finishes at Moorabbin at the end of this year, while the Napthine Government continues to refuse to come out with a meaningful jobs plan.


Australian Workers’ Union Victorian Secretary Ben Davis said Philip Morris International (PMI) told the union today that cigarette production would be transferred to Korea.


“We should be planning ahead with a blueprint for jobs that addresses the catastrophic consequences for our community of manufacturing progressively shedding people in this state,” Mr Davis said.


“Premier Denis Napthine continues to rely on PR and spin to give the impression his government has a plan and has things under control. I’m here to tell him that workers who are seeing their futures disappear are not so easily duped.


“These are people who have done an honest job, been loyal to their employer and contributed to the life of this state. They need jobs,” he said.


The need for a strategic plan including the identification of new industries and enterprises for the state was accentuated by today’s announcement.


“The State Government has to be accountable for the welfare of Victorians, that’s the job they were elected to do,” Mr Davis said.


“An audit of where this state stands in terms of jobs now and projected future employment is the first essential step to securing the well-being of Victorian taxpayers, who are after all the ones who pay the bills.”


The AWU will negotiate with PMI to secure the best possible prospects for those who are about to lose their jobs, including establishing meaningful retraining opportunities.