Vic Govt Breakthrough On Asbestos Removal

Thursday 24th March 2016


The Australian Workers’ Union has welcomed the announcement of the new Victorian Asbestos Eradication Agency (VAEA) as a vital step towards ridding the community of the deadly fibres.


AWU Victorian Secretary Ben Davis said the VAEA was an initiative of the AWU and promised comprehensive mapping of the presence of asbestos in government buildings, as well as planning for its safe and expeditious removal.


“We are talking about freeing the community of asbestos in schools, in hospitals and other facilities where workers and the people who use those buildings are in potential danger,” Mr Davis said.


“It is not good enough to play Russian Roulette with people’s lives.  This is a giant step toward not only removing asbestos, but creating benchmarks for the way in which it is done.”


The VAEA would have the total co-operation of unions which had long pushed for a plan of prioritised removal.


“The AWU has been advocating for some years for this move, but it took the Andrews Government to bite the bullet and get moving,” Mr Davis said.


“The Andrews’ Government should have the gratitude of all Victorians.”