Why Join The Union?

The AWU's job is to represent your rights at work.  This includes negotiating Enterprise Agreements (EAs), making sure that you are treated fairly, ensuring that safety standards are upheld, and providing the buffer between you and the boss when things are not going smoothly.

If you are in a workplace where there is a union-negotiated EA that means others have joined the union before you and you are reaping the rewards.  The Australian Bureau of Statistics found in 2012 that union members earned on average 12.4% ($139) a week more than non-union members.

Being part of a union is your legal right.  It is called freedom of association and it means that you have the choice to join and no-one can stop you from exercising that choice.

The AWU Victorian Branch has one of the strongest safety units in the country and is constantly investigating new and better ways in which to keep our members as healthy at the end of a shift as they were at the start.

There is nothing more important than safety at work and the evidence shows that unionised workplaces are safer than those where the union is not present.  Studies in Australia and overseas show that workers who are unionised are 70% more aware of hazards and safety issues.

The AWU is a voice for workers arguing for a future where our members will be employed in safe, secure jobs where they are treated well and rewarded fairly.  As the 130,000 members of our union around Australia know, we are always Stronger Together.


Join the AWU Victorian Branch

Please click here to join the AWU Victorian Branch


How much does it cost to join the AWU?

Our union dues are $12 per week for most members. All union dues are tax deductible so keep receipts or proof of payment of union dues.

Offshore dues are $13.67 per week

For less than most house and car insurance, less than you pay for one lunch, you can get insurance for your job, representation, free legal advice and more! 


You can pay your union dues by:

* Direct Debit from your Bank or Credit Card

* Payroll Deduction (you authorise your employer to deduct your union dues from your pay) *note - not all employers have this facility

* Credit Card on 1300 362 298 (Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard)

* Cheque or money order

* Cash payments can be made over the counter at our offices in West Melbourne and Morwell