Workers' Memorial Day


Safety is a common concern for workers and bosses. No one benefits from poor safety outcomes.


Workers’ Memorial Day, on Thursday 28 April, is an opportunity to highlight the importance of safety, and the terrible consequences when standards slip, even for a minute. The AWU is asking Delegates and HSRs to co-operate in their workplaces to make sure the day does not pass unnoticed.


As you go about organising an event, encourage your employer to participate in the arrangements. The message is the same, no matter who you are. The personal price many workers have paid for poor safety is too great to bear. Bad safety practices are bad business.


Your event could be a short talk about how far your workplace has come with safety, or it could be a reminder of an incident which affected you and your colleagues. The gathering could then be asked to observe a minutes’ silence as a mark of respect for those who have died or been injured at work. 


According to Safe Work Australia statistics, there were 193 people killed at work in Australia last year. On 14 April there had been 38 people killed in Australia so far in 2016, seven of those people were Victorians.


Attached here you will find a draft letter which can be used to seek permission for an event, and notices to announce the details of what is planned. Workers’ Memorial Day should be observed in all workplaces. If you need help in organising something, please, talk to your AWU Organiser or the AWU Victorian Safety Unit on 03 8327 0888.


Yours in Unity


Ben Davis