Healthy Living can start at work

A message from Victorian Secretary Ben Davis

The responsibilities of work and family mean it's easy to let your physical well-being slip off your list of priorities. We all know how easy it is to put things off until you have time, and sometimes when it comes to your own health that means you just don’t get around to the stuff you really should be doing. 

The Victorian Government initiated WorkHealth, under the auspices of WorkSafe, to make it easier for you to have the time and the opportunity for your own wellness.

The program offers free and confidential checks of the fundamentals such as heart, blood pressure, sugar levels, cholesterol and weight.  There's no preaching involved, just an opportunity to find out what is happening with your body.

These checks take about 15 minutes and are carried out in the workplace.  Your results are not available to your employer.

But WorkHealth offers more.  It has programs to encourage and support smokers who want to quit; to help problem drinkers; to create activity programs at, or out of work; and to promote healthy eating alternatives.  Visit their website at

Employers know that healthy workers are more productive, more alert and less likely to be off work sick.  Many have chosen to become part of the solution and help get WorkHealth programs off the ground for their employees.

It’s never too late to take charge of your health and I would urge all our members to do just that, and find out how to get WorkHealth to your place.

This is an easy way of making sure your health is on track.  You owe it to yourself and to your family to look after yourself - nothing is more important.  Regular check-ups are not only a good thing, they are vital.

If you would like to take the WorkHealth message to your workmates and your boss contact your Organiser on 1300 362 298 (for the cost of a local call from anywhere in Victoria). It’s never too late to get on the right track.